My SUP Goal: New Day Different Hat



On my second or third paddle with my own board, I realized I had worn a different hat each time. I knew I had a lot of hats and figured this would be a fun goal to do; wear a different hat each new time I went out. Plus it would be a useful way to unearth and use old hats that were collecting dust.

NDDH does not include sunset/sunrise or SUP yoga when a hat isn’t really needed. Although a lot of my crazy hats are not really needed either; it’s just a thing now and obviously entertaining the crazier the hat.

Check my Instagram Story Highlight NDDH to see what number I’m on!

Reach out if you want to donate a hat. I’ll obviously wear it, add it to the blog and tag you on Instagram.


Here are the hats!

NDDH 81-90 ->

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  • Tony F

    SO MANY different hats! I love how you made a gallery and labelled them and kept track through the whole year. Looking forward to what wild hats make it on the water in 2021, and always seeing such a wonderful smile to go with it 😀

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