Waterproof Backpack

My first product review:

Red Paddle Co. Waterproof Backpack

I think the Red Paddle Co. Waterproof Backpack is my new favourite adventure bag when it comes to paddleboarding!

Top things I like about it:

  • it fits my 1L Yeti
  • the ability to have a waterproof bag that is also a backpack for ease when travelling to and from a launch point.
  • the external pouch and its design.
  • multiple spots to strap a carabiner or two. One of my Top 5 Paddleboarding Non-Essentials.

It’s an overall ultimate backpack for all types of adventures. The only activity I wouldn’t use the bag for is long hikes with bare shoulders.

10% off Red Paddle Co boards and gear with code ‘PaddleAdventurer’ or get it on Amazon.

Check out the video for a full in-depth look at the bag’s features, the things I like to see in a paddleboarding bag and a few tips, plus, you’ll see it in action!

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