Paddle Boarding Gift Guide

A paddle bording gift guide and beyond. Here are my top 10 gift ideas for paddle boarders plus a few additional creative ideas outside the typical thinking of giving a physical gift.

Paddle Boarding Gift Guide Top 10:

1. Carabiner

Carabiners have multiple uses and are a great accessory to help easily attach items to you or your board.

2. L’il Sucker Drink Holder

The L’il Sucker neoprene ring easily goes around a water bottle/thermos and suctions to the paddle board.

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Crouching on paddleboard with a water bottle attached to the board with a L'il Sucker

3. VAMO Leash

Leashes are an important thing to have to ensure your board is always with you and VAMO makes quality leashes in a variety of fun vibrant colours!

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Bright pink leash on a paddle board in winter ice conditions

4. Red Paddle Co Duffel/Kit Bag

The Red duffel/kit bag is a multi-use item that’s great for holding gear for pre and post-adventures. It has lots of storage areas, including a wet clothing pouch that keeps your wet clothes away from anything else in your bag. 

It comes with a mat for changing on and can be a duffel bag or a backpack. It’s also waterproof making it great to take on your board with you or outside in the rain or snow.

I’ve used this bag for backcountry camping on my SUP, day trips on my SUP where I needed to bring more gear including my pump on my board with me and I use it for every weekend trip.

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For the US site please visit here

Swimming beside a fully loaded paddle board

To see the products in action check out the full YouTube video:

5. LuminAID Inflatable Solar Lanterns

These lightweight solar charging lights come in different models and colours and are ideal for paddling before dawn and after dusk. For paddle boarding, I’d recommend a white lantern for the front and a colour lantern for the colour red at the back.

They easily attach to your board and float since they are full of air. The lights pack down for better storage and transportation and make a great gift for any outdoor camper too.

inflatable solar lantern attached to a paddle board

6. Mustang Waistbelt PFD

A PFD is a requirement in Canada and is an essential piece of safety equipment. Most people have vest PFDs but having an inflatable waistbelt PFD is great for swimmers in warmer weather paddling. It’s less bulky and warm and is easier to transport and store due to its small size.

Paddle boarding with Mustang Survival inflatable waist belt PFD in the Canadian Rockies

7. Change Robe by Red Paddle Co.

The oversized coat is cozy and versatile.  It is meant to be used as a way to change underneath and warm up after a cold plunge, surfing, race or outdoor activity.

They have become massive in the UK and a fashion faux pas for wearing out on daily things like dog walking or going to the groceries store. When someone is wearing a change robe for other uses they are labelled as “Dry Robe Wankers”. 

I personally love mine for their original use to change in after an outdoor activity but I am also happy to be a “dry robe wanker” and use them outside at a bonfire or football game. They are cozy and comfortable so why not?

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8. Electrical Paddle Board Pump

An electrical pump makes a great gift to any inflatable paddle board owner. Pumping your board can be exhausting. 

I like using a battery-operated one so I don’t have to rely on my car or burn gas. The Airbank Whale Shark Pro is battery-powered and loaded with features. See it in action in my electrical pump video.

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9. Action Camera

Capturing content, memories and wildlife on your paddle board is a blast. I’d recommend either a GoPro Hero 12 or Hero 11 or an Insta360 One X3 or One RS along with a float so that if the camera is dropped in the water you won’t lose it.

Read more about capturing content specifically geared around the GoPro on the blog post: Capturing Content While Paddle Boarding.

Paddleboarding with Gopro pole mount on paddle

10. Red Paddle Co Compact Paddle Board

The lightness of the Compact and how small it packs down is amazing. This makes it more accessible to carry, easier to store, travel with and hike to remote locations.

The board comes in three sizes: 9’6,11 feet and 12 feet.

For the US site and discount please visit here

10% off Red Paddle Co gear and boards with code ‘PaddleAdventurer’

Marybeth holding the Red Paddle Co Compact 9'6 in Kelowna BC


Support local businesses, community groups and environmental causes.

  • Make a donation
    • Environmental organizations who help protect and support things like green space, wildlife or waterways.
    • Community groups that help provide access to nature and outdoor activities for everyone.
  • Buy an experience
    • Buy a paddle boarding, surfing or kayaking lesson.
    • Book a tour or culture class about the land and traditions of First Nations Peoples in your area.

Make Your Own or Buy Used

  • Buy a black dry bag and design your own with markers or fabric paint.
  • Upcycle something you own or buy used. There are a lot of good used outdoor and paddle boarding gear and equipment swaps or used buy/sell groups.

What paddle boarding gifts did I miss? Share in the comments below!

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