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6 Reasons You Need To Go Paddleboarding

Do you have a friend or family member who is curious about paddleboarding or you’re looking to convince them to join you on the water? Or maybe you’ve never tried paddleboarding but have seen people on the water and are considering it.

Here are the top 6 reasons you need to get out on the water paddleboarding!

1. Time with Family/Friends

Paddleboarding is a wonderful way to spend quality time with friends and family. It’s a great way to connect, bond and share experiences together. Paddleboarding is also a perfect social distance activity that gives you the opportunity to interact with family or friends you haven’t been able to.

2. Time Outdoors

Getting outdoors in nature is great for your mental health. It will improve your moods, help you relax and is a perfect way to destress. 

View wildlife, get fresh air and work on your tan are some other benefits of being outside!

Paddling next to a dolphin

3. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Trying something new helps you grow and learn more about yourself. Getting outside of your comfort zone can also increase your creativity, self-confidence and learn to better deal with challenges in life.

4. New Perspective

See your favourite local spots from a new viewpoint, adventure to places you aren’t able to get to on land and explore new and exciting areas you never would have visited.

5. Create Your Own Adventure

Unlike hiking there are no trails; the water is your trail. You create your own path and journey. Whether you want to have a relaxing paddle, hang out on the water, do yoga or get some exercise, you can paddle almost anywhere there is water. There are lots you can do on and with a paddleboard and the choice and adventures are yours to create!

6. Community

Become part of a welcoming and friendly community and meet new like-minded people.

If you’re thinking of trying paddleboarding look to borrow a friend’s or rent a board from a local shop (luckily there are more and more as the sport gains popularity). Or maybe you are ready to jump in. Check out the blog on How to Choose a Paddle Board.

What are your top reasons for going paddleboarding? Is there someone you wish would join you?

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