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Cleaning Your Paddle Board

Cleaning and maintaining your board will help prevent premature wear and give your equipment a longer life. Plus help keep the aquatic ecosystem healthy!


Always remove any major mud, plant debris or aquatic life right after your paddle at the same site to help prevent cross-contamination. I like to bring a few towels with me to wipe off as much water, mud and debris as possible before packing up my board and equipment for transport and rinsing and cleaning fully at home.

Watch the full YouTube Video on How to Clean Your Paddle Board

Tools & steps for cleaning your paddle board.

Tools & Equipment:

  • Freshwater
    • Garden hose, bucket or as last resort your shower or bathtub
  • Soap
    •  You don’t need to use soap every time but great to use once in a while for a good scrub or on stubborn dirt.
    • Biodegradable soft soaps, water & vinegar, inflatable boat cleaner for PVC on inflatable boards (not your deck pad). I use SUPScrub a UK-based company.
    • *Always test a small patch on your deck pad and board first
Tools and equipment. Hose, tarp, brush, cloth, eraser, soap, bucket
  • Microfiber cloth
    • especially good for epoxy/fibreglass boards to ensure you don’t scratch the surface
  • Soft brush
    • helps get into the grooves of the deck pad, dimples in the PVC for inflatables and harder-to-reach spots like handles, mounts, and fin box.
  • Magic Eraser or Rubber Eraser
    • great for buffing out marks, especially on the PVC of inflatable paddle boards. Don’t use it on your deck pad.
  • Towel
    • helps to dry off your board
  • Cleaning area
    • Find a place that’s clear of debris. Sweep off your driveway, lay down a towel or tarp. 

For a full list of supplies check out my Amazon Store.

Cleaning Your Paddle Board:

1. Set Up Your Cleaning Area & Board

  • Find a place that’s convenient and clear of debris.
  • Inflatable boards can be cleaned inflated or deflated. Slightly inflated to 3-5 PSI will help give the board shape and make it easier to move the board around and reach all the sides.
  • With Inflatable boards be sure the valve is closed.
  • Remove any attachments or accessories such as fin(s) and camera mounts. You can leave your leash attached as long as you can clean it and in and around it.
rinsing a paddle board with a hose

2. Rinsing with fresh water

  • Fully hose your board after each use. This is especially important if you have paddled in salt or brackish water as the salt can cause corrosion.
  • Pay close attention to areas with grooves such as your fin box where grit, sand, salt and other things could have gotten into.
  • Wetting the board will also help lather and spread soap more easily.

3. Soap *not necessary every time

  • Spray small amounts in various spots on your board (remember to check the soap is board and deck friendly in small areas first!) or place soap on your cloth or brush.
  • A little bit goes a long way; however, you may need to use more soap in dirtier or stained areas such as where you kneel or stand on the board.
  • Wipe down and scrub your board accordingly. Circular motions work well!
  • If you aren’t using soap wipe down your board with a wet cloth.

4. Rinse

  • Rinse off your entire board with fresh water again.
rinsing paddle board camera mount with a hose
spraying soap on a paddle board deck pad

5. Dry

  • Tilt your board to allow access water to drain off
  • Towel off your board
  • Use eraser if there are still any stubborn spots!
  • Place your board in a cool, dry place out of the sun if possible to allow the board to fully dry. Don’t pack up a wet board!
  • Warning: watch out for any critters who could come and scratch up your deck pad!

Don’t forget to do all of your paddle boarding equipment too. Fins, leash, camera, dry bag, PFD, paddle, etc. If you have an adjustable or 3-piece paddle fully take it apart to rinse, clean and fully dry before assembling again.

rinsing a three piece stand up paddle board paddle
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